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Trasportation advices

As for travels abroad you need identity cards or passports.

Do not discuss with the driver while he is driving.

The passengers should be seated and strapped while the coach or minibus is moving because it is dangerous when the driver changes the gear, uses the breaks or stops abruptly. The passangers using the toilette or the lavatory are at risk.

The sanitary kit is used for real and emergency cases and the vehicle will stop at a scheduled time. ETALON VOYAGE vehicles stop in certain places, gas stations, parking lots.

The driver/s of the vehicles for more than 8 people, is/ are obliged to observe the driving and resting times as per Regulation 561/2006 of the E.C. The speed limit of these vehicles is at most 100Km per hour.

We advise the passengers not to bring along food because this can trouble the rest of the people. We also recommend that you should not bring hot drinks.

Hand luggage are to be placed above while bottles and heavy things in special places on the back of the seat or under it.

There are some icons in the vehicle showing the safe exits, extinguishers, hammers and first aid kits.

If the vehicle stops and remains there, the passengers ought to leave it.

Valuables, money and travel documents should not be left inside the vehicle.

Mind the stairs and the upper threshold when you get on and off the coach.

ETALON VOYAGE wishes you a good journey!